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Founders Roberto Camera and Lisa Poklop

came together to share their appreciation for Hardwood. They combine passion for artistic design with technical expertise to offer exceptional wood flooring and complimentary structures. Focus is on sophisticated design with exceptional workmanship for lasting durability.


Both Lisa and Roberto count with extensive hardwood experience and strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Artec Design Hardwood floors are sourced with professionals that respect nature and the environment.  Collaboration with trusted suppliers leads to customized unique  functional products. Organic hardwood provides many options for innovation through techniques to adjust color, finish, texture, widths, patterns, grain to provide stylish elements to enhance Architecture and Interior Design. Along with offering quality hardwood products, Artec also provides installation, refinishing, repairs, and maintenance.   Every effort is made to go beyond expectations paying attention to every detail in every process to deliver an outstanding final result.

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